by diary of a brokenlife

I’m only human. I I crash and I break down. Why does  thought come to us. I think I think too much. I fill I’m so confusing at times., I mean like sometimes I’m clueless. Or maybe sometimes I am just me. I can take so much until I had enough people tear me down when I get back up this morning . Some people build me then try tear me down. But I’m wiser than that . I like to think of myself as undefined. When I love I love for real. When people walked into my life I try my best to keep him. I’ve been hurt so many times scared to let my heart get involved. But I try to be brave about everything that has happened to me . I try to keep my head up and look forward to the future. I had to leave the childish games behind an focus on myself.
Teens if you love something in life , don’t let nobody stop me no matter how hard or how ruff the situation may be . Can make it without people who are irrelevant.
Keep your head up And be strong you’re not alone