the truth of a normal girls life

Yea my heart is cold

I love her n I care so much
Im hurting in the background
I thought but now I’m realizing its all in my heart .
My heart is cold cause she’s gone n im here hurting
My heart is cold  Cause the love of my life is gone
I dont know wat to do


Heart broken

You can’t expect a heart to react the way it should
When your the reason its
Not functioning right


I gt so much heart im FALLIN
i got so much pain im  FALLIN
i loved her but had love for her to
i cry at night with nobody there im FALLIN.
when will I be happy im tierd of FALLIN

I can..or . I cant ..love you

I cant make you love me.
My heart is up in the clouds bt you. Never seem to reach for it.
I cant make you feel what I feel.
Bt I can show you that I care about you the way I do .
All you gotta do is sit and listen

Teens love is. Crazy thing
Know that you love a person cause if u  dont know youll end up heart broken


What was the reason?
My mind flys so high into the sky’s .when I meet you again ill push u back n my head will go on a trip .
Ive changed so much .im proud of myself .
My mind sees things so differently .so many people downed me and bad Things about me but they look at me now n not only am I Doin great they say it to
Im so excited my future is bright
Ive said i was gonna change bt never did but now that I have im sooo blessed .
N I thank god for bringing me out of darkness


I’m done chasing I’m done running after people who don’t get to flips s*** about me.
I’m done being used I’m done cutting I take s*** everyday but the pain never goes away I’m done trying to please people and make them happy I’m thinking about myself but I know you don’t care what happens what about what makes me happy do you care? Do you see the pain question I can tell you can’t see it can you still kick me to the dirt

Teen don’t fool with  people who don’t have to be in your life.  cutting an self harm isn’t the. answer trust me I know I’m a living witness . You can do it!


Why don’t love come to be so clear? Every turn I make is a dead end I can never find a way out. I let so much pain   into my life. I hope life isnt   what is making . I wish and dream of a perfect life but I always snap out  of it. All the cuts and bruises are battle wounds but yet my life is a battle. It seems that every person I meet shoots  my heart and I keep walking. And continue getting shot. Then I walk into your life, and you don’t own a gun, you kiss my heart and heal the wombs.
But that’s all in my dream

nobody’s perfect but having something real is worth more than anything. teens if you are struggling with love or relationships take time for yourself and figure out what you wanna do. Can take you down a bumpy roller coaster.